Cincinnati Mohs Micrographic Surgery


Mohs surgery is a very unique and highly effective micrographic technique used by dermatologists to get rid of cancerous tissue. Named after, Frederic E. Mohs, a general surgeon in 1938. This surgery is very popular in Cincinnati, Ohio and used by most Cincinnati dermatologists today because of its effective treatment on virtually any type of skin cancer. For more information, visit

Although some melanoma cases can not be treated by Mohs surgery. Mohs surgery is different than most because it has a high cure rate and a very low surgical margin. This allows a minimal amount of skin to be removed while still successfully removing 100% of the cancerous tissue. It also makes for a very quick and easy recovery at our Cincinnati office.

Once you and your surgeon have sat down and decided if Mohs surgery is right for you, an appointment will be scheduled for the near future and you’ll be given a list of pre-surgery directions. Most of these directions are similar like what medicines to temporarily stop taking prior to the surgery or you may be told to stop smoking prior to the surgery.

They’ll have it all written down for you. Be sure to follow the directions as closely as possible to ensure an effective surgery. Make sure you have someone go with you for support and they may need to drive you home. Set aside a whole day for the surgery. It could take as little as an hour, but it could be several hours.

Mohs Surgery

During the surgery you will be awake. Only the use of local anesthesia is necessary for Mohs surgery. This makes it safer than having to go under full general anesthesia, which can be associated with complications and side effects. The local anesthesia is meant to last for a few hours, so you won’t feel any pain. You may feel a little pressure during the surgery but it won’t be painful.

mohs surgeryAfter the surgeon has numbed the area they will start the procedure. They start by making a small incision with a scalpel and remove a very small piece of the tumor. The surgeon’s text will then freeze and stain the tissue sample and it will be examined by the surgeon under a microscope.

Because cancer grows like tree roots, each disc of skin removed will be checked under a microscope. If the surgeon sees any “roots” poking through they will keep removing small amounts of tissue until no more roots are found. This makes the chances of the cancer coming back very small because they go deep enough to get it all.  See for more info.

Post Surgery
When your surgeon is finished they will discusses reconstruction options. Not all surgeries require reconstruction; most are done with simple stitches and a bandage. Your surgeon will then go over your post-operative care and answer any questions you may have.

After your Mohs surgery you’ll be ready to head home, since this is typically an outpatient surgery. The recovery time for Mohs surgery is very quick and simple because the majority of the healthy tissue is untouched it takes less time to repair the wound. Take care of your wound and keep it clean to avoid the risk of infection.


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